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Artificial Grass Cleaning

No more mowing, no more over seeding, no more weed treatment. Just leave it alone right?



• Disinfectant

• PowerBrush

• Disinfectant

• PowerBrush

• Hover

• Disinfectant

Artificial grass still needs regular maintenance, it's just different maintenance.

With a real lawn there is so much to do to get it looking right. With artificial lawns there is work to retain it looking right. Over time dirt, animal waste and other contaminants will build up between the fibres. This will zap the vibrant colour from your lawn, plus they can become very smelly over time with pets.


All Lawns are sprayed with a scented disinfectant, this is done multiple times to ensure full and comprehensive coverage.

The power brush is used to remove deep ingrained contaminants within the fibres, this will also agitate the disinfectant removing pet smells.

The Lawn will then be vacuumed with a comical grade wet & dry vacuum to remove everything the power brush has removed.

A final disinfectant treatment will then be applied and if wanted a soft broom can be used to apply a striped look.

Included with all prices will be 5 additional disinfectant treatments 1 per month. This gives you a fully disinfected lawn for 6 months, At which point it is recommended to start the process again.

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