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Treatments, sealants and soaps (and why they matter)

At Suds 'n' Son's in Worcester we only use quality products for an excellent result. Our treatments, sealants and soaps are carefully selected to give excellent results without moving away from our commitment to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our work.

The Finishing Touch

Even when it looks like our job is done, there is often something extra we can do to ensure the results of our work last as long as possible for you. We want to be the company you think of whenever you need an exterior cleaning service, and making sure we do everything we can is the best way to achieve that. So, why choose anything other than the best service available? Give us a call today for details.

We don't use simple multi-purpose soaps and chemicals for our cleaning work. While it's possible to do so and get reasonable results, we prefer exceptional cleaning, so we choose the right product for each specific cleaning job. From carefully formulated soaps that leave your windows crystal clear to stronger solutions for stubborn stains, every product we use has been tried and tested by our team.


We always choose the most environmentally friendly options we can find, as we feel it's important to consider the impact of our work on our surroundings. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch.

Sealants & Treatments

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If we've cleaned a block paved area for you, such as a patio, path or driveway, we can apply a hard-wearing sealant to help protect it. Available in both matt and gloss finishes, these look great and have the added benefit of ensuring the sanded joints are sealed and protected, preventing the regrowth of moss and weeds.

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We also offer specialist treatments to protect your roof, and anywhere that we have cleaned with our power washing service. These treatments are designed to stop the regrowth of moss, lichen, fungus, and anything else that likes to take root on your home and damage it!

Water Drops

Don't settle for half a job. We offer those finishing touches that make all the difference. Call us today on 07375 461691

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