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Driveway Pressure Washing Worcester

Pressure washing is a great way to get your driveway looking good, and Suds 'n' Son's are your local experts right here in Worcester. Get in touch today if your driveway has seen better days and you'd like a hand getting it sorted. Because we use high pressure water jetting, we don't have to use harsh chemicals.

Deep Cleaning Using A Pressure Washer

If you've never experienced the efficiency of pressure washing for yourself, now is the time! By using a high pressure jet of water to blast away dirt and contaminants, we can get hard areas such as your driveway, patio, paths or decking looking like new. While the process can seem time consuming when you aren't used to it, we are your local experts and we'll get the job done as quickly as possible - it also helps that we use a commercial machine rather than one of the smaller, less powerful domestic models! So, don't get frustrated by a dingy driveway, give Suds 'n' Son's a call, and let us get it clean.

If you want your driveway to look its best for as long as possible (and with as little maintenance as possible on your part), we offer optional extras. These include one to inhibit the growth of weeds as well as sealants to make the finish more hard-wearing. Please note that when we clean your driveway, re-sanding is always included -  we want to make sure we do the job properly!

Patio & Decking Cleaning Too

If you were to scrub away at a corner of your patio, what colour would the stone be underneath the grime? If you can't really remember, then it's time to get it cleaned! Our commercial cleaning equipment will reveal the beauty of the stonework and make sure that your patio is ready to be enjoyed in the summer, (and isn't too slippery in the wetter months).

Decking that hasn't been cleaned can be a genuine hazard in your garden - the very thin layer of growth that occurs on damp and uncleaned wood can make you wonder if someone replaced your deck with an ice rink! Don't risk a fall when you can call us and get your decking thoroughly cleaned. We offer yearly maintenance packages at great rates.

Water Drops

From your driveway to you decking, we'll make sure the hard surfaces of your home's exterior are properly cleaned all year round. Call us today on 07375 461691

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